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Joining the Trailblazers Register
If you have walked the Howgills and Limestone Trail and wish to be included on the Trailblazers register then simply let us know so we can add you to the register.

Please email us at with the following information: Your Name:
Where you are from: (i.e. Rosgill, Cumbria)
Start date:
End date:
A short walk report: (optional)

Route Comments
If walkers of the Trail encounter any problems that they feel should be brought to the attention of the Highway Agency concerned then we shall be pleased to do this on being told the nature of the problem together with a grid reference. We would also be pleased to learn of any constructive suggestions should walkers feel that the route description requires more clarification. We hope, on completion of the Trail, that Trailblazers would wish to recommend the route to their friends and acquaintances. Please email us at with any route comments.

Trailblazers Register
The following individuals have successfully completed the Howgills and Limestone Trail.

Name/s Location Walk Date
David & Heather Pitt Rosgill, Cumbria May 2010 / Sep 2010
David & Heather Pitt Rosgill, Cumbria Jul 2011 / Aug 2012
Derek & Alison Cockell Blundeston, Suffolk Jul 2011 / Aug 2012
Ron Scholes Endon, Staffs. Oct 2011 / July 2012
Ann Robinson Stockport April 2015
Alan Tinker Haslingdon April 2015
Stuart Grant Newbury, Berkshire June / July 2015
Jeremy Perks Leigh on Sea July 2015



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